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  • Ferrari Service

  • F & M Motorsports is conveniently located in West LA, near Pacific Palisades for all of your Ferrari Service needs. Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about ensuring your Ferrari stays in top condition at a lower cost of ownership than you'd ever expect.

  • Ferrari Repair

  • Even if you live in Malibu, its okay to skip the dealer when your independent Ferrari Repair shop uses the most up to date SD3 diagnostic equipment to accurately identify any necessary Ferrari Repair's, and perform them in a convenient manner that accommodates your schedule.

  • Lamborghini Service

  • You shouldn't have to choose between cost or quality to maintain your Lamborghini. For Lamborghini Service, we offer everything from routine oil changes to tune ups at a significant savings from the dealership. Our personalized approach ensures your Lamborghini keeps performing at its best.

  • Maserati Service

  • Maserati Service and Repair is a cornerstone of F&M Motorsports. Our technicians maintain a high caliber of quality and consideration with every service. You can expect in depth knowledge of your Maserati along with work performed quickly and accurately.

Meet the Owner

Backed by factory training and 40 years of professional experience, Giuseppe Cappalonga began F & M Motorsports in 2007. Born in Sicily, Ferrari’s are in his blood. Giuseppe is the real deal when it comes to expert independent Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini repairs.

Giuseppe began working on Ferrari’s at 16 years of age. For the people who have been around Ferrari for a while, Giuseppe worked at Hollywood Sports cars as a technician for 10 years. In 1980, Giuseppe opened his first Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini repair shop called Targa Florio in Van Nuys. After gaining even more experience as a technician at the Auto Gallery and Ferrari of Beverly Hills, Giuseppe opened F&M Motorspots. With Giuseppe's resume, you are guaranteed someone with expertise and knowledge to diagnose your Ferrari or Maserati in Los Angeles, CA.

Customer Reviews
Steve M. on 1/11/2015:
"My son and I bought a 2003 Maserati Sypder to Guiseppe for repairs as it had been sitting for 3 years. Guiseppe meticulously drained all gas and lubricated the engine before trying to start and was able to get the car going. He then replaced the needed clutch and f1 pump but there was a problem with the car not shifting. We took the car to the Maserati dealer who was not able to determine the problem. Guiseppe would not give up and spend a huge amount of time (months) and all of his resources trying to find out the problem. His persistence was the only reason the car is fixed as he was able to find damaged hidden wires and correct the error coming up on the Maserati diagnostics computer that was preventing the car from shifting. Guiseppe was fantastic to work with through the whole process and only added a couple hundred to the bill for tireless work to find the issue. His prices for the tune up, clutch, transmission work, new tires and top repair were more than fair. I would trust this guy with any car and any work. I highly recommend him and his team."
5 star rating

Dennis W. from Altadena,ca, whose 365 was in for an auto repair service, on 12/22/2013:
"Quality of workmanship was the best there is for my vintage Ferrari. Customer service was excellent. I had a very serious and dangerous braking problem with my 1972 365 GTC/4 (it wouldn't stop). I left it with Guiseppe at F&M motorsports who methodically traced the braking problem to a non functioning brake booster (which the previous mechanic misdiagnosed). After fixing the braking system (which turned out to be quite complex, F&M also fixed a number of other problems including bad wiring, and leaking or potentially leaking fuel lines. Guiseppe made sure that the car did not leave his shop until he was perfectly satisfied.

As the owner of three Ferraris, I recommend F&M motorsports without reservation.
5 star rating

Marc M. on 12/20/2013:
"I have owned over 40 exotic cars and have always taken my cars to the dealer. I started to get extremely high cost bills for my Ferrari 360s and 355s and it used to take the dealers over 3 weeks to service them. I was getting tired of paying 1/3 of the cost of my car for service and not getting my car fixed correctly. I was told by the factory in Italy that new techs are only trained on new Ferrari's and have little or no training for pre-F430s. I recently had a mis-fire issue with my F360 with 50k miles. I spent thousands of dollars at various Ferrari dealers and they could not fix the problem. The service advisors charged me over $15k and told me to run gas cleaners!

I was told by the Ferrari Dealer to take my car to F&M motorsports in West LA because they know diagnostics better than anyone. Giuseppe got me a same day appointment and told me he knew the problem just by listening to the engine. His shop was maxed out with Ferrari's and was very clean.

Giuseppe narrowed down the problem in one day to the intake gaskets. He called me with an estimate and completed the repairs the next day. The check engine light is off and the engine runs better than new.

I will be taking my entire fleet of Ferrari and Lamborghini's to F&M Motorsports from here on out.
5 star rating

Nick T. on 1/17/2012:
"I bought my 328, new, in 1986. After the one year warranty expired Giuseppe was recommended to me. I've been going to him every since. He's kept my car running without any major repairs for the past 25 years. When I took it in to get smogged this year, it came out so clean the tech said, "You must take it to Giuseppe, all his cars pass with flying colors.""
5 star rating

Lui T. from Los Angeles on 1/5/2012:
"I took my car to F & M Motorsports where the owner of the shop, Mr. Giuseppe Cappalonga, inspected it, fixed it and returned it to me with the engine sounding like only a Ferrari's engine can. The service was courteous and professional. I will definitely use this shop again, if I need to."
5 star rating

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